Friday, August 10, 2007

Online Game "Fiesta"

Recently I have been playing an online game called Fiesta, which was made by Outspark, and I think it is a good game. I've only died 3 times so far. It's a lot like Runescape except you start out with the class that you want. It is currently only in its Beta 2 form, but it's a great game. I'm still a noob (I'm only level 2), but I have seen a good amount of the monsters like slimes, hero slimes, mushrooms, and imps. The only problems are the lag and that there isn't a compass at the top. It would really help with navigation and such. They'll tell you to go left, right or forward which gets confusing because you can change the camera angle. My old character died and ended up in some other place and I didn't know how to get back, so I created a new character. You can have more than one.

Here's the link:

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